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Chat with every one of your readers, anywhere on your site. With AI.

Use Direqt to train a custom AI chatbot on all of your content. Then place it anywhere on your site. Now, you have a new way to keep your readers interested for longer. Built for (and used by) top publishers, like Wired and Cosmopolitan.

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The world’s leading publishers use Direqt

Your readers come for the content. Now they can stay for the chat.

You’ll train your chatbot on your content, then embed it anywhere on your site. It’ll have personalized, entertaining conversations with your readers — which lets you turn up the dial on revenue, engagement, and loyalty.


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Publishers working with Direqt to power their chat experiences


Reach over 260 million chatters through our chatbot discovery network

Keep readers on your site for longer.

Before Direqt, readers could do just that — read. With Direqt, they’ll be talking to a bot trained on everything you’ve ever written. Which means they stay on-site for longer.

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Drive new revenue and subscriptions.

Your chatbot gives you a new place to generate revenue. Serve relevant ads in-chat, or drive paid subscriptions through natural conversations.

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How Direqt Works


Upload your RSS feed to the Direqt platform.

Your chatbot is trained exclusively on your content. To start, you’ll upload everything you’ve ever published — so it has complete knowledge of your content.


Add your brand’s voice and personality.

Because your chatbot is trained on your content, it’ll already reflect your brand voice. But you can take advantage of the Direqt platform to further hone your chatbot’s persona.


Embed your chatbot anywhere on your site.

Identify where your chatbot will have the most impact — then embed it on your site in a simple, straightforward process.

“Publications today are competing not just with each other but the entirety of the internet; capturing and retaining attention is essential. We selected Direqt’s chatbot platform because it allows us to boost audience engagement while retaining ownership and control over our data and content.
As a result, since working with Direqt, we’ve been able to boost time-on-site by over 200%.”

– Mitch Rubenstein, Founder of the Sci-Fi Channel & Owner, & Dance - Washington DC Theatre, Attraction and Event Tickets

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