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Where do people find my chatbot?

You can easily embed your chatbot anywhere you’d like on your website or in your app – whether that be your home page, a dedicated page just for the bot, or within articles. With Direqt, you can also easily make your chatbot available through your existing social media channels as well as in dedicated messaging apps.

How do I train my chatbot on my content?

It’s simple, just upload an RSS feed of your content to our platform. You can use our self-service console to customize your bot’s personality and design it’s look and feel. To see Direqt in action, book a 1:1 demo.

How does my chatbot generate revenue?

Chatbots built on Direqt can be monetized with in-chat advertising. To see if you qualify for revenue sharing from in-chat ads, contact us.

How do I grow my chatbot’s audience?

Chatbots built on Direqt can take advantage of our growth tools. Whether you want to integrate your chatbot into your website or app, share your bot on social, or promote your bot through Direqt’s network of chat partners, the Direqt platform makes predictably growing your chat audience simple.

How do I get started building my chatbot?

To get started creating a chatbot for your content, simply book a 1:1 demo and our team will help you set up your bot.

Book a 1:1 to get started

It’s time you had a way to engage users that wasn’t designed more than a decade ago. Book a call and we’ll chat through how you can get your chatbot running.