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About Direqt

The Chatbot Publishing Platform

It’s never been harder to be a publisher or a journalist. But why? People consume more content than ever. There are more content distribution platforms than ever. Anyone, anywhere, can get in front of everyone. So what’s the problem?

Problem is, social media platforms and their algorithms have constructed a wall between you and your audience. Instead of creating lasting relationships with publishers, people now are spoon-fed by an algorithmic conveyor belt of content. If you’re a publisher, you know that these algorithms are unpredictable, foster distrust for people like you, and do not have your best interests in mind.

And as if things weren’t hard enough, there’s a new contender in the arena: AI. Today, we live in a world where someone can spin up a 2,000-word essay with a one-sentence prompt, a world where many people prefer to answer their questions with chatbots rather than search engines. Left alone, current trends in AI will exacerbate the current problems with publishing.

We exist to make sure that doesn’t happen. We believe that there is a silver lining to all this AI technology.
How? We believe that while AI will pose challenges for publishers, it also presents an opportunity: chat-based publishing. Unlike traditional publishing, chat-based publishing is an interactive, two-way experience. Built for a world where people increasingly turn to AI-powered chatbots to get their information.

With Direqt, you’ll train a chatbot on all your content so you can have conversations with your audience, wherever they are. Direqt is already being used by top publishers — like Vogue and Cosmopolitan — to grow their audience, deepen engagement, and be more relevant than ever before in this new AI-driven world.

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