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Turn your content into a chatbot. Then embed it anywhere on your site.

With Direqt, you can build a custom, easily-embeddable AI chatbot for your site. It’s like a personal assistant for your content, trained on everything you’ve ever published and designed to keep readers hooked.

Some of the world’s top publishers are already using Direqt.

Train your chatbot on everything you’ve ever published.

You’ll feed your catalog to your chatbot, so it can talk to your readers about everything you’ve ever written. You can exclude pieces, too, if you want a specific selection.

Fine-tune your bot’s personality.

Your chatbot is specifically-tailored to your content, which means it will reflect your tone of voice. But it doesn’t stop there, you can use the Direqt console to adjust things like topics and tone.

Embed your chatbot in strategic locations on your site.

Identify where you think readers will benefit from your chatbot, then embed it. This isn’t one of those months-long projects that never seems to get finished — getting set up is straightforward.

Want to grow your audience? Your chatbot can do that, too.

We run a discovery platform that lives inside of leading chat apps — where you can use your chatbot to get new readers.

Book a 1:1 to get started

It’s time you had a way to engage users that wasn’t designed more than a decade ago. Book a call and we’ll chat through how you can get your chatbot running.