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Retroheadz’ AI chatbot leveraged gamification to turn one-time readers into regular visitors.

Retroheadz, a publisher covering “the past, present and future of all things awesome”, needed a way to better engage its audience and turn one-time visitors from search traffic or social media into regular readers.

By partnering with Direqt, Retroheadz was able to launch an AI chatbot trained on their library of content in just a matter of days. The chatbot not only hooked users with intimate 1:1 conversations, but also leveraged gamification through chat-based quizzes.

Each day, the Retroheadz chatbot presents users with a new daily quiz that Direqt’s AI generates from Retroheadz’ catalog of stories. Users take the quiz to test their knowledge, share their results with friends to compare scores (and drive new users to Retroheadz), and come back each day for the new quiz.

While users take the quiz, the chatbot learns about their interests. Then, the chatbot recommends relevant Retroheadz stories to the user based on their answers to quiz questions.

In this case study you’ll learn:

  • How Retroheadz drove >2X time on-site and +84% repeat visits per user
  • How chat-based, AI-generated quizzes led to personalized content recommendations
  • Why Retroheadz is turning to chat to strengthen it’s audience relationships while positioning itself for the future

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