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Direqt, a specialized AI chatbot platform for publishers offers a customizable chatbot solution that reflects a brand’s voice without compromising editorial standards. 

Why Direqt Stands Out

The rise of generative AI has paved the way for enhanced user interaction through chat. However, building AI chatbots from the ground up can be both time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, existing solutions might raise concerns regarding data accuracy and legal issues. Direqt addresses these challenges by offering a customizable chatbot platform that allows publishers to train chatbots exclusively on their content. This ensures that the chatbot reflects the brand’s voice without compromising editorial standards or overshooting budgets.

Key Benefits for Publishers

Direqt’s platform offers a plethora of advantages to publishers:

  • Content Control: Publishers have the freedom to train their AI chatbots using their unique content, ensuring the chatbot’s personality and voice align with the brand.
  • Configurable AI: The platform allows publishers to decide which AI features to enable, ensuring alignment with their AI strategy.
  • Enhanced Engagement: By embedding chatbots on their websites, publishers can boost metrics like time-on-site and pageviews.
  • Reaching New Horizons: Direqt’s chatbot distribution network enables distribution across various platforms, tapping into vast audiences.
  • Monetization Opportunities: With Direqt’s In-Chat Advertising Platform, publishers can monetize their chatbot audience through relevant, privacy-first advertising.
  • Data Exclusivity: All data collected and shared within the chatbot remains exclusive to the publisher.
  • Flexibility with Vendors: The platform supports multiple leading LLMs, ensuring publishers aren’t tied down to a single model provider.
  • Cost-Effective User Experience: Unlike traditional methods that are expensive and time-consuming, Direqt allows for chatbot creation in mere minutes at a fraction of the cost.

The Impact on the Publishing Landscape

Mitch Rubenstein, Founder of the Sci-Fi Channel and owner of & Dance Magazine, emphasized the importance of capturing and retaining audience attention in today’s competitive digital landscape. By leveraging Direqt’s platform, they witnessed a staggering 200% increase in time-on-site.

Direqt stands as the premier AI chatbot platform tailored for publishers. With over 75 leading media companies, including The Independent and The Sun, relying on Direqt, the platform enables publishers to craft and monetize conversational experiences in their unique brand voice. Direqt’s chatbot discovery network currently reaches an impressive 260 million users.

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